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Thresholds (APSCC journal)

BACP Divisions are groups of BACP members sharing a common work setting or area of interest.

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hresholds is the quarterly journal of BACP Spirituality, a Division of BACP. Members include counsellors & psychotherapists with an interest or involvement in spirituality or pastoral care, along with organisations, both within and outside the context of a faith community. The journal aims to take an inclusive approach to spirituality in order to represent the diversity of its readership and strives to offer a broad spread of articles from a range of authors and standpoints.

Subjects range from personal and professional experiences and perspectives to exploration and discussion, and from research to examples of projects demonstrating learning and good practice. Thresholds also acts as a platform for the sharing of professional knowledge and networking. Thresholds provides a targeted advertising platform for events, courses and training in counselling skills, and publishers.

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1119* Individual members and 43* Organisational members

* figures correct as at 31 March 2014

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Booking and copy deadlines:

2pm 28 May 2014 for July 2014 issue
2pm 1 September 2014 for October 2014 issue
2pm 3 November 2014 for January 2015 issue
2pm 9 February 2015 for April 2015 issue

All advertising is exclusive of VAT


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Please contact Sam Edwards to arrange for an approximate quotation.

Inserts are accepted subject to approval. Mailing house delivery details available once insert is approved.

Quantity required: 1262+ (subject to increase)

Production requirements

Artwork must be sent as an electronic file in InDesign (MAC), Microsoft Word or PDF format or sent by email to sam.edwards@bacp.co.uk.Please note all images and fonts must be supplied separately. 

Approval & disclaimer

Advertisements are only accepted at the discretion of BACP and must not be contrary to agreed BACP policies and practice. They must comply with the British Code of Advertising Practice. Click here for a full version of BACP Advertising Terms and Conditions.


Advertising space must be booked in writing.  All advertisements of under £300, inclusive of VAT, must be prepaid. For any cost greater than £300 incl. VAT, an invoice will be sent prior to publication, payment must be received within 28 days.

For further information please contact Sam Edwards:

Tel: 01455 88 33 19

Email: sam.edwards@bacp.co.uk